Allison’s Ring Bearer Pillow

    By the time this post goes live, I will have just attended my neice Allison’s Bridal shower.  I wanted to share the ring bearer pillow I made for her with you. While it is not a card, nor did I usepaper, I did use a gorgeous vintage brooch from The Ribbon Girl – HERE- that helped tie it all together.

 The pillow case was sewn with satin and lace in white.  Over it, I added a band of eggplant ribbon (bridal party color) and over that, a band of bridal teardrop of pearl/lace trim. 

I sewed white satin flowers and then added store bought smaller satin flowers on top of them.  I also purchased the flimsy eggplant colored flowers which were “pins” and removed the pin back and sewed on.  On top of the flowers, I added rhinestone bling buttons an brooch.

Under the bottom white flower, you will see three bezels. The bride wanted to include pictures of her and the groom’s grandparents on her pillow, so I purchased the bezels HERE and used photoshop to size the images to one inch square, affix with Amazing Glaze and when dry, add Glossy Accents over. The bezels come with a glass cover which attaches last when dry to protect the image. The bride can untie the bezels after the ceremony and use them elsewhere or put away as a keepsake.

And here is the lovely brooch from The Ribbon Girl to tie it all together…  I have purchased several of these gorgeous Vintage brooches and they are such high quality and brilliant pieces.  Since it is a pin, the bride can also detach from the pillow and wear it or also use again and again.

I also want to share a fabulous pic of the display at her shower. It featured the wedding gown of the bride’s grandmother, who was my mother in law, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Alongside it is an antique vanity decorated with vintage items including the mother of the bride’s headpiece and all items that were mementos of the bride… like walking into a time capsule! In the frame is the wedding shower invitation that Allison will also have as a keepsake of the day.   It was such a beautiful touch to a lovely wedding shower that was so much fun and so beautifully decorated with mementos and treasured items.
  Have a great day!

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  1. Sande

    OMG!!This is STUNNING!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Wow!! Love all about it!!
    Hugs, Sande xx

  2. Truly beautiful!! and what a very interesting blog post – the photo of all of the bride's mementoes from days gone by was amazing and I loved the little bezels you did for her to keep – fabulous work and great ideas! Mary x

  3. Unknown

    Wow!!! What a fabulous memory for the bride! Your pillow is just special! It will be treasured along with all her other mementos. She's a lucky girl! xxx

  4. Unknown

    How creative you are Ann Marie not just with the card making stash but also with the sewing goodies. Love the vintage treasured memorabilia what a wonderful wedding shower.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x

  5. Wow stunning is all i can say, just stunning. It all looks amazing and i,m sure your all have an amazing time at the wedding, what a really gorgeous keepsake to then pass down the family just like the one s on display. Thank you for sharing such a delight
    Caroline x

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