Can You Spare a Handmade Card? – Two Worthy Causes..

     From time to time, we get a blog post that touches us and reminds us that what we create has the power to uplift and encourage those who are facing serious challenges…that what we do goes beyond challenge wins and prizes… This past week, two posts came to me through challenge and email posts, and I felt compelled to share both with my followers in the hope that you, too, will share on your blogs, and more importantly, that you will donate your cards to these very worthwhile causes.
    First, as I was scanning challenges to enter one of my cards, I came across SEND A SMILE 4 KIDS CHALLENGE.. Never having been to this site before, I clicked on the link and read the post and learned that in addition to hosting challenges for some great prizes, they also seek donations of handmade cards for SEND A SMILE Kids- ages newborn through 19 years old who are receiving inpatient care at 7 Children’s Hospitals!  All you need to know about donations especially the guidelines for the cards you send is HERE so please read carefully before selecting cards to send. 

     The second post came from Mandy (A Sprinkling of Glitter). Her post originated from the Simon Says Stamp Blog…HERE. She is spreading the word about two courageous young sisters- 13 year old Maddy, who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and her 15 year old sister Melanie who will donate her stem cells through a stem cell transplant after the 6 month chemotherapy ends.  The request is to send HAPPY and ENCOURAGING cards to these girls!  All information about where to send these cards as well as more details about their story can be found HERE.  


Maddy and Melanie at Riley’s Hospital “Prom Night”
    I am sure we all know someone who has been in a similar situation. I know I have so these requests are especially close to my heart.  Please spread the word and thank you!

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