Dying Cheese Cloth- My First “Tutorial”

     What a great day to be outdoors….I have been outside in my backyard getting the patio ready for the summer… cleaning lawn furniture and…. yes, dying cheese cloth!  Talk about avoidance behavior!  In any event, while doing so, I thought I would grab my camera and show you what I did in case you, too, want some diversion from having to clean or do any other chores!!! This actually took no more than 15 minutes, including clean up!!  It probably took longer to write this post!
    Let me begin by saying while I love Glimmer Mists, and I have quite the collection, I have become hooked on DYLUSIONS sprays- the colors are beyond vibrant!  I used them here to dye Cheese Cloth.
     So… here is my list of supplies- Cheese Cloth, Dylusions, Glamour Dust and Spray Glue (although you can use any glue):

   For clean up, I recommend TWO products that work and work well… Ranger Scrubbie and Masters Paint Soap that I got at AC Moore YEARS ago… I swear the bar never wears down.  Together, they will get any Ink off your hands  and under your nails (even my fake ones) in seconds (and I have pics to prove it)!!

   1.  First, lay out your craft sheet or use waxed paper. Another idea is to get a piece of cardboard and cover it with heavy weight plastic… this way you can wash off after use.
   2. Cut a section of cheese cloth the size you want.
   3.  Spritz with sprays of your choosing... Now when I used the gold and blue, guess what? Yup, GREEN!! So be careful if you are “mixing ” colors.  Not to worry, however, as I just re-sprayed with Blue Dylusions and got the “ocean” color I was after!

    4.  Let dry briefly and spray with Glue Spray or apply glue to the cloth.  The spray allows an all over adhesion without being too sticky.

     5. Sprinkle Glamour Dust or glitter… possibilities are endless. Isn’t the glitter beautiful!

     6. Move to a clean place to dry. I hung this outside over a chair (with protective plastic underneath) or place on another piece of plastic or clean craft sheet.
     7. With the remaining ink on your sheet, you can “wipe up” with cardstock or another piece of cloth, or better yet, dye MATCHING SEAM BINDING RIBBON- After all, the ink is already there!
     8.  Get out your soap and scrubbie and with warm water scrub away the ink. In a matter of minutes, the stains on your fingers and hands will disappear.  Hubby gets credit for taking these pics!!

   I really love to play with this technique. I have spent as much time doing this with seam binding but this is the first time I tried this with cheese cloth.  (Unfortunately, you cannot do this with tulle as the finish does not allow the ink to dry.)  Hope I have inspired you to get dirty (and clean) with these great inks!  Have a great day!

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  1. Anonymous

    Fabulous Tutorial and thanks for sharing it as a (TIP) at Top Tip Tuesday this challenge, Don't forget to visit Top Tippers leaving them a comment stating you are a Top Tip Collector (TTC) and thanks for playing along at Top Tip Tuesday this time, hugs Samantha :0)

  2. Anonymous

    Me again! did you make a card using your fabulous Tutorial? would love to see it hugs me x

  3. That is a lovely tutorial. The glitter is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at Top Tip Tuesday and come back anytime to play along again won't you?
    Tammy Louise

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