Exciting News….

     I am so excited to share such great news with you… three of my cards were accepted for publication in Scrap n Art online magazine.  They produce a great online publication filled with tutorials, information and inspiration.  They also have a Facebook page, if you are interested in joining.  Last, Scrap n Art has a brand new blog- click on this link to go to it and learn about upcoming issues and submission calls that YOU may want to enter!
     My cards were published in the August 2012 issue that will go live on August 1st.  As a result, those cards must be removed from my blog for the next two months.  I know that every accomplishment, however big or small, is largely due to the encouragement, support and talent you all share with me from all over the world through your art, your blogs and, most importantly, your friendship. While the awards and contests are fun, it is this incredible community of mutual support in art and the ups and downs of life that mean the most to me!  For that, I am indeed blessed. Have a great day!

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  1. Fantastic news yout card's are always stunning. Congratulations. Caroline xxx

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