Feline Playful is now “Paper Playful”

   Hi, Happy Tuesday. Just popping by to share the news.. Feline Playful, the blog whose loyal volunteers have faithfully and painstakingly listed all the wonderful challenges we love to enter and win, has CHANGED ITS NAME AND LOCATION.  Thought I would share for those of you who do not know… the NEW BLOG is now called PAPER PLAYFUL.

Paper Playful

You may want to note the new link as the old gmail account address will  be going away:

Additionally, here is the html code that will get you the beautiful badge I have on my sidebar now so that we can all share the news!

Here is the code for our new HTML badge for your add-a-gadget:
 <div align=”center”><a href=”http://paperplayful.blogspot.com//” title=”Paper Playful”><img src=”http://www.prl-images.com/images/custom_projects/badges/PaperPlayful-badge.png” alt=”Paper Playful” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

While you are there, BECOME A FOLLOWER too by adding your email address to the followers link. I know we are all very indebted to the efforts of all the volunteers who work so hard to promote our blogs and therefore our creations as well as listing the numerous winners each day.  I hope you join me in visiting the new blog to say a huge “thank you” for their efforts!  Have a great day!

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