The Paper Project

Just a quick post about a site I discovered, perhaps later than many of you, regarding PAPER!! It comes from the Forgotten Scraps blog and I thought the “Paper Project” gave some great info regarding the many papers available to use for copics/distress inks/digi images etc.  Yes, paper is also a personal choice but this project involved LOTS OF WORK and I am very thankful someone did it and that I found it. Hoping some of you may want to take a look.  Here is a blurb from the site to give you some idea of the scope of the project:

“…I’m sure there are many paper projects but this one is specific to testing Copic markers on the various papers available. Like most of you, I started on a quest to find the best paper to color on. Therefore, I hope to perform various experiments on each brand to see how they measure up.”

When you scroll down the introduction page, you will see the various categories for which each paper was tested.

 Click on all or only the ones you are interested in to see how the paper measures up. I can say that for me, most, if not all, of the ratings matched my experience with the papers on the list that I have personally invested in trying. Let’s face it, paper IS expensive so why not get some idea of each brand’s strengths and weakness before it ends up in a drawer or on Ebay!  The PICS ARE A GREAT VISUAL and help make the experiment more objective and I think more accurate.  Part of my delight in finding this is that my copics are affected by the paper I use and thus my projects are affected.  This information helps me find where my issues lie, whether it be in my coloring techique, paper or ink!

Have a great day!

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